"He's just a boy, flying to space in a cardboard box, sleeping on the moon in his dreams."

For sale. R-magic fd3s grounding kit. $100 firm picked up
Time to do work on the fc.. if you need me, ill be here at the shop all day..
Caught in the act of humping my gf’s s14.. or was I being a model…… @zenki__kat sorry babe.. 💜💙💜💙

Welcome to the shop.. im still organizing. .. huge thanks to the following ppl

@zenki__kat @circuit_theory @theokayslider @kashtindoe @k_wolfe @jimisonracing @psimpfd @bennymacbubbleface @fancylogic and all my trash talk and deathgaze dudes, friends and family! !!

My roommates and gfs car.. fuck I need the fd done……. Ughhhh
Support the friends. 

#ripnvmyre #naritadogfight #ssr #tanabe #TRASHTALK #jimmyup #elevenspaint #morejapan #bubbletech
#wcw @zenki__kat   I love you babe!!!!!
@nitradyne doing work .. thanks. Duder 
@nitradyne @nitradyne @nitradyne
Thursday. ..
#tbt .. I miss this shit more and more..  @fancylogic @bennymacbubbleface
@nitradyne doing stuff :) 

Get fucked

Its Tuesday. Fuck you