"He's just a boy, flying to space in a cardboard box, sleeping on the moon in his dreams."

Car dudes be like….

Hello errbody.. this is Takashi.. @zenki__kat ‘s and my newest edition to the family. .  Love this little fucker. Soo chill!!!!!! #savethepits
The gf fixing the last part of the fc bumper. .. @zenki__kat


#wcw   @zenki__kat  thanks for putting up with my my dumb ass.. you’re always there when I need you. . And always down to fuck shit up ♡♡♡
Ready to say guilty in the hood

#juryduty (at Compton Superior Court)
Jury duty … in da hood (at Compton Court)

Lolol @zenki__kat 👫

Someone give me a passenger headlight cover pls  or sell asap!! Kthnxbye
Top of the morning.
Just picked up the fd from @nitradyne. . Now eating panda express with the wife @zenki__kat and the fd. .. ahhh soo much feels right now.. big big thanks to art for all the hard work and huge thanks to Stephanie for all the support… and to every one who has been following this fail boat.. 

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If all goes well .. ill be picking up the fd today from @nitradyne .. soo much excitement.  A bigThanks for everything brother!!! And thanks to @zenki__kat for taking me to go work on the fd too!♡

Cant wait to get the fd tuned then wreck it.. :)

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Ahhh snappps  got a sweet ass early birthday present from my awesome gf @zenki__kat.. Bride pillow is boss!!!!!! 

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